Bad Luck Brian

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SAN Dee-YAAYGO... SUPER-CHARGERS - Chargers.... | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Luckily I was ALWAYS an LA-based Charger fan...
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Good for you and your support.
I hate franchises used as ransom though (in any sport).
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Never thought I'd say this...But - F**K VIN SCULLY. STOP UNACCOUNTABLE POLICE MURDER - By ANY MEANS NECESSARY. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
That, was not quite as bad as what the Rams did to US. Georgia Frontiere got AWAY with MURDER. And THEN she Stole the Team from the guy's son. Then she moved it to the OC. Everyone hated HER. THEY SUCKED - and surprise...she HAD to take HER team back to that BASTION of thinking and Progressiveness - St. Louis, Missouri. HER hometown. B**CH.

Which, is why I could become a Charger Fan... Haven't cared about the Rams Since. And now they come crawling back....please.

I feel like Dean F**ked San Diego.AND HIMSELF. He got a big market - where nobody cares about the Team....and left behind a small market where EVERYBODY loved 'em... And NOW HATE them.

Now - THEY (San Diego) as a town DID blow it... Cause what Dean was asking for wasn't unreasonable - negotiating in good faith would have helped. But SD is a GOP leaning area (as far as Power - the populace varies by area, greatly) - and sp publicly funding things iz just unpopular as an ethos/meme. So they had a hand in it. The politicians there LET it happen. Then at the last minute thet wring their hands and make a last minute plea and deal that THEY KNEW wouldn't fly. So f**k them too.

Dean COULD have become the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHARGERS - tossing San Diego a bone (not the team of their HATED big brother city to the north) - by EXPANDING his present market to include the new one.

I think the NFL was AGAINST that (I made SURE that they had that possibility in their ear...cause THE JUNGLE and local Sports radio are part of their universe) - probably because ONLY the PATRIOTs get to have a regional support base - I GUESS?!?! Well - At least they're NOT CHEATERS...

So ransome seems like an extreme rap to lay on 'em - in this one instance. San Diego was NEVER going to produce a champion - with animpoverished owner at the helm...and the Town and Team were breaking him. He needed to create a more competitive situation. He did. But I think kt should have been handled better. I don't begrudge my San Diegan friends their hurt feelings, really, eithrr.

Seems like you might be newer user. Just in case...if you reply to your meme - instead of my comment...I get no alert. Great if you want tbe last word...but bad for a conversation...

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Yep, newbie here. I guess I was a little lazy there.
Stuff like this happens up here in Canada, smaller scale of course.
Interesting read, thanks.
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No sweat. Little stuff like that makes a difference, so I mention it.

Well, as you were then, eh?
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Chiefs, lol.
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