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No not all whites are racists, liberal progressive whites aren't but I've lived here in rural Texas all 47 years of my life and even the conservative christian Sunday school teachers teach about the 'evils of race mixing' to introduce and reinforce racism in children. Ignorant right-wing, racist, cowards wear their racism like a badge of honor among themselves but as soon as someone calls them out for their racism they start lying and denying like the lying, racist, cowards they are. Christian conservatives have no interest whatsoever in fixing the economy. All they want to do is use the 2nd amendment to overthrow the constitution's separation of church clause and establish christianity because it's a front for their racism, bigotry and misogyny. You're a lying racist coward is what you are.
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Y'all Got Any More Of That Meme | I BET U DA MOST RACIST N**GA IN TOWN | image tagged in memes,yall got any more of | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
How do like being called something that you may not be, not very nice is it ?
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I'm a lying racist? You know absolutely nothing about me except my posts. I've only ever posted my true feelings. And I have never posted ill words against another race, nor given any support to racial hierarchy.

I have hated racism my whole life. I think of Martin Luther King as a hero, and I have always supported racial equality and integration. I don't know about Texas Christians, but we Utah Christians promote diversity and interracial friendship.

Also, we conservatives want to preserve the 2nd amendment so that we don't become sitting ducks to terrorists. And to ensure the government doesn't become a dictatorship. We SUPPORT the 1st amendment too. The Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and North Vietnam have shown us what happens when you don't separate atheism and state.
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Not all racists are white... Nor are all whites racist.
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