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No one suffers from not being born but forcing humans to be born into a life of suffering is cruel and unusual punishment. Right-wing anti-abortion christian terrorists are contaminating our species with hereditarily diseased and genetically defective humans, many for the specific purpose of getting on lifetime welfare. Grossly deformed humans suffer their entire lives and demand constant medical care that tax-payers are forced to pay for.
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Some would make the argument that Moses or Jesus should be aborted, because they weren't born into the best of circumstances. Good thing that didn't happen. They grew up to make the best of their circumstances and change the world.

Did you see Interstellar? Remember that scene when Matthew McConaughey says, "No! No, the tremendous sacrifice is being made by the people on earth. Who are going to die! Because in his ******* arrogance, he declared their case hopeless."
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When it comes to abortion... Conservatives value human life more than liberals do.
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