"Why Is Jared Kushner Still In The White House?"

"Why Is Jared Kushner Still In The White House?" | There Is So Much Dirt On Jared Kushner That Memory Cannot Recall It All If Hillary Had Done Nothing More Than Cover Up Her "Back Channel" Co | image tagged in devious donald,deplorable donald,despicable donald,dishonest donald,dirty donald | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Since she couldn't even be imprisoned for worse security felonies than got other people in prison, let alone destruction of evidence bigger than Nixon's, or election fraud worse than some third world countries against Bernie (which is why the DNC filed a brief stating they were not bound by the actual votes of the f**king voters!!!), - I would have to say the evidence indicates no. Law is applied differently to elites like her and poor plebes like us.
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(My truncated reply below is posted in its entirety - along with memes and cartoons - at http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com/2017/09/america-deplorable-meth-lab-opioid-den.html)

"Poor plebes" sounds like "the victim card" conservatives used to find so repellent.

As for "elites..." The only meaningful definition of "elite" is financial. And in comparison to "the man in the tower with gold-plated toilet seats," Hillary's "fortune" is penny ante.

"Follow the money" and you find "Agent Orange" living every day of his presidency on the wrong side of "the emoluments clause."
1.) http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com/2017/05/why-has-their-been-no-legal-action-for.html
2.) http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com/2017/03/another-emoluments-clause-breach-trump.html

"Follow the money" and you find that Kushner is the beneficiary of a quarter billion dollar loan from shady Russian bankers. (Hillary herself has amassed $51 million in the last ten years.)

If you aggregate Benghazi, "missing emails" and "private servers" you have a trio of relative trivialities in comparison to the in-your-face malfeasance Devious Donald embodies every day.
Obama's Benghazi and Reagan's Beirut
Donald Trump, Felon: Re-Visiting Trump University
Compendium Of Best "Pax" Posts About Devious Donald, "The Deplorable One"


My second language is Spanish and for 25 years I have been an ombudsman for latinos in central North Carolina.

Every day I see Hispanics -- even illiterate Hispanics -- who succeed against "a stacked deck" while simultaneously I see a surprisingly large number of indolent whites who never learned saleable skills other than meth production and opioid marketing while waiting for Aryan-white Donald Drumpf to restore their oppressive ethnic privileges so they can enjoy (imaginary) "high-paying manufacturing jobs" (which capitalist automation is systematically destroying), coupled with "the restoration of coal" which is never coming back even though a large enough drug dose might make "true believers" hallucinate "Trump, Their Savior) whose dazzling ineptitude and bewildering self-destructiveness are on daily display.

(This is where my reply was truncated. The rest is at http://paxonbothhouses.blogspot.com)
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Not going there, just quickies.

I'm independent, not conservative, so I can point out hypocrisies in any "side".

Compared to her, WE are penny ante - and also not power-structure-allegianced, which are the two factors that actually count, so my point stands.

Emoluments is a tu quoque, Hillary made emoluments famous with her pay-to-play arms deals with the Clinton Foundation, so I'm not impressed. Deal with that first, and we'll talk.

Never liked Kushner, he puts Israel way before America, but that doesn't validate your Hillary claims.

I'd argue the gringos you b**ch about are an example of selective sampling, or in effect a reverse racism, of which anyone is capable. I'm not Trump's fan, but remember he was RIGHT in saying illegal immigration included criminals and rapists. He didn't say everybody, and I didn't see any Latino talking heads saying he has a point, we have go get the coyotes that **pe the poor emigrant girls and hang their underwear in a tree. And dealers here probably get a lot of their meth from gangsteres chicanos too - remember los Zetas, Mara Salvatrucha, Latin Kings, Sinaloa, all those nice tipos? The job destruction you refer to is the effect of internationalization and globalization, not capitalization per se, because many of the jobs were simply recreated abroad. The problem for Americans is the export, and don't forget muchos latinos are the beneficiaries of those job exports too. So I don't have much use for double standards.

In short: it's delusion to say Hillary was actually better. She's FULLY in bed with the CFR and the dark power structure you never see. Useful to keep in mind, I think.

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There Is So Much Dirt On Jared Kushner That Memory Cannot Recall It All; If Hillary Had Done Nothing More Than Cover Up Her "Back Channel" Connection With The Russian Embassy, Or Obscured A Quarter Billion Dollar Loan From Russian Banks, She Would Be Stripped, Whipped, Crowned With Thorns And Crucified
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