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The imaginary land of Alternative facts
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When I heard (and later saw) KellyAnne say that on video, I started to have flashbacks to high school when they covered world dictators and their "ministers of information" / chief propagandists.

I marvel at how she lies and smooths over things that are so extremely false or wrong without cringing or squirming, that I HAVE to cringe twice whenever I see her latest performance:

Once for the magnitude of the lie. And the second time for the fact that she DOESN'T squirm in her seat when she's lying. It makes me want the media to hook these monsters up to lie detectors during interviews, so we can watch the needle jump. In real time.
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Exactly. What an embarrassment
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I can honestly say. I think CONDI RICE would resign from a regime as poor as this.

And she told "YUGE" lies in her day. *wink*
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CNN reporters*
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You know? I keep HEARING that, but I can only remember the Election being where they totally sold out.

I seem to remember their Gulf War coverage...9-11 coverage...most of their reporting is dead-on; in fact, they're less biased than either MSNBC (left) AND FoxNews (right).

Plus: it's YOUR guy who called them "fake news." And anything Trump says, outside of what his name is, has to be questioned and investigated. If you don't realize that, I got a beach resort in Nebraska I want to sell you membership to.
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TBH I liked CNN quite a bit before this election, as they weren't opinionated. However, they now jump to conclusions and are biased as hell.
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Trump's instructions to Sean Spicer and KellyAnne Conway, when doing press conferences:; "Use...your....IMAGINATION!"
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