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College Liberal in politics
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You’re falsely equating Democratic Socialism with historical Socialism. (What a surprise) I’ll give you a glimpse of what DS looks like: Germany.

Germans have better quality of lives, are richer than us, and (drum roll, please) UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. So guess what, buttercup? They live healthier and longer than us. And also, since Republicans have to be told infinity times, we already HAVE elements of Socialism in this country. Who pays for the roads and highways, the parks and libraries, and police and fire departments? Give up?

WE DO. That’s Socialism at work, big guy. Read a book sometime.
Finding Neverland in fun
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I've been busy. My bad. Plus these crazy racist Trumpers kinda took over imgflip. It wasn't as much fun, I guess.
This Is Where I'd Put My Trophy If I Had One in fun