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That one guy on imgflip who's opinionated, but funny! Wait...that's all of us. SHIT.
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The Man Can't Even Keep The WHITE HOUSE Together. How The Hell Is He Gonna Keep A Country Together?
It's a brilliant photoshop, Sew. That being said, it's really not that far off the mark: * Donald claimed not to know David Duke, when he heard that Duke had endorsed him. * Steve Bannon was an unapologetic white nationalist (and so is Stephen Miller) who bragged that Breitbart (TRULY fake) News was "the platform for the alt-right." Sooo... add that with Trump's mealy mouthed press conferences, and then tell me how YOU add it all up. Thanks for the upvote.
This Dude Is Cray-Cray...Certified.
Ok. I'll save this thread so I can find it.
This Dude Is Cray-Cray...Certified.
No, but I should be. I've read a lot of threads on there. I like the hilarious sh!t. I discovered a topic called "Horrible Things People Do (Playing) On The Sims 3" If you get a chance? Try to find it and check it out. If you don't bust a gut laughing, I'll apologize for wasting your time.
This Dude Is Cray-Cray...Certified.
Oh I KNOW it's her. It's her and Ren, and whatever other Trump trolls they dug up on here. It's pathetic. THEY want to be heard, but they're posting nothing but offensive, racist trash. They have mocked every minority group, and I'm pretty sure even the disabled. But Snatch-alie's favorite targets are Blacks and Latinos, and she likes to take "victory laps" with Trump memes and makes Putin memes that aren't funny at all, really. Ren is about the same. Earlier this year, we caught him red-handed cheating on imgflip points with alt-accounts and downvoting people to restrict their accounts! Somebody he trusted screen-shotted his comments proving everything. I'll upvote the sh!t outta you right now. Do the same for me?
I can't argue with you. But she routinely makes memes that shouldn't even GET featured. Like this one. So...Who's d!ck did SHE suck to put so much racist garbage on imgflip? You get what I'm saying? We NEVER used to have this trash on here! But overall? What you said makes sense. I agree.