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That one guy on imgflip who's opinionated, but funny! Wait...that's all of us. SHIT.
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Grumpy Cat channels Carlin
I like your style. Upvote.
Am I The Only One Around Here
#1 A quick as hell upvote, so congrats on breaking imgflip. #2 ( How appropriate) There's only 2 genders. Nobody was talking about this crap even 10 years ago. It's some new, warped trend in society. Let's be honest. THIS WASN'T "A THING" BEFORE. #3, There are people here arguing against science. And getting emotional, so you've already lost argument. Logic always beats emotional outburst. Debate 101, kids. #4 Carry on, Pete. Shake your haters off. That is all!
Am I The Only One Around Here
LMFAOOO! I once made a meme of him with his email: [email protected]
Ahhh I LIKE this one! Upvote.