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He's not the only one! | SIGNS UP UNDER THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT CAN'T AFFORD IT | image tagged in memes,bad luck brian,obamacare,affordable care act | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Bad Luck Brian Meme | DOESN'T LIKE HIS BAD LUCK KEEPS HIS BAD LUCK | image tagged in memes,bad luck brian | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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That I totally believe!!!!
My son who has glaucoma and is working, but it's one of his first jobs...
Signed up for o e that promised he could continue his bimonthly visits to his eye doctor and they will pay for his drops...
The refuse to pay for doctor visits and for any eye saving mess...
Now his eye pressure is out of control... he is having bad headaches from eye pressure being so high... and has Ben had to take time off of work has his eye pressure is so high and his headaches hurt so bad.... this is the kid that never missed a day of work all through high school and got employee of the year awards 2 years in a row!

Obama care is a joke!!!
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Sorry to hear about all that. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon!
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Thanks Abby-normal.... I hope so... cause now I have 2 more kids in need of health care this year...
One sent in her application at it was denied the reason being " at this time, and for the unforeseen future, our enrollment is closed"
What the heck does that even mean??
The letter was sent out last week, before the inauguration... so it doesn't have anything with trump stopping it....

This is another example of Obamacare failing!!
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Here's my story. I am retired military. My wife and I have Tricare, the government plan for retired military.

I have two kids born with cystic fibrosis (cf). There is no cure for cf and it's ultimately fatal.

Obamacare says healthcare providers are supposed to cover your kids until age 26, right? As soon as my daughter turned 21 she was dropped by Tricare. Turns out that government plans don't have to follow that portion of the law.

Way to screw over the troops and their families!
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Thank you so much for your service!!
I HATE how the Government treats our Vets!!!
I live in Salt Lake City... we have a VA hospital here and several Vet homes... yet.. we have a HUGE problem with homelessness... and so many are our vets.
I work with the Homeless and Abused Women... and I can tell you the VA is messed up.. and it has gotten worse year after year.
a few months ago, I was viciously attacked and seriously injured by a Vet with horrid PTSD and other mental issues.
I don't so much blame the guy, as I do the VA who does not properly deal with a lot of the guys coming back from the Middle East who have seen and even done, unspeakable things there.
They sweep the mentally ill under the rug and wish them away. Now the streets of SLC are filled with them... overflowing.
They have drug and alcohol problems... again, which are not being addressed... stemming from self medicating to keep the nightmares of war at bay.

I have 8 kids... all grown (had them young and all within 12 1/2 years)... my son who is 28 has given up on obamacare cause they would not cover ANY of his required Doc appts and meds so he can maintain his sight.
So last year he opted to just not pay the $300+ monthly premium and spend the cash directly to the Doc and Meds on his own...
Now, the IRS is hounding and threatening him!
It is INSANE!!!

Let's look at the governments messed up logic vs reality and real logic

Pay insurance $300 month, but NO real coverage, go completely blind and not be able to work...vs... pay the Doc and meds $300 month and saving his sight, so he can continue to be a productive and contributing taxpayer....

I am SOOO sorry that the Government has failed you and your family.
I am hoping that Trmp can make things better.... but it is going to take a while

Side note... my youngest daughter, Abbie is 18... I was picturing you an 18 year old girl! LOL
Nice to have a real idea of who you are :-)
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So sorry about your plight, Val. This may appear to be a cliche` but you need a lawyer. Honestly, if you find a decent lawyer, he or she may assist you in getting the assistance your children deserve. Sometimes you need to go through a different path to straighten out the very busy politicians in D.C. They have so many people and organizations trying to get their help that the only way to successfully reach them is through an attorney. Please. Consider looking into it. Your son should not be without sight, and he darn sure shouldn't be punished for taking a more apt course in order to receive proper care!
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