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Or killer koalas.
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Thanks for using my pic! :-)

Yeah... everything in Australia wants to kill ya!
In 1911... my Great Grandfather's cousin, who migrated to Australia as a child, was thrown from a horse, and eventually died 3 days later.
2 days later, the boy's mother and another woman were ran over by a spooked horse...
Then in 1915, the boy's father's ear was bit by a horse. He developed an infection of the brain and died soon after. The younger sister was sent to live in Adeline with a family.
Back then, cars were not real common, so she had to go by horseback, terrified the entire time that her family had some sort of horse curse.
She arrived safely on the coast, and refused, for the rest of her life to be near a horse, ever.
She lived to be 81 years old, and died in 1984... in a car accident, the other car was driven by a man named HORSEly!! No kidding!!!
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Amazing story!
The funny thing is that when I was a teenager I was a real conspiracy freak, and actually ended up with a bunch of coala based conspiracies to color my life. (I connected them directly to the illuminati) Then I got normal, and years later met another conspiracy freak, that I then fought hard to convert into normalhood, with a great success. During this period I googled some new koala conspiracies (Found a direct connection between aliens, illuminati AND koala's) and during this time I actually used that koala picture as my screensaver background, to the amusement of the staff of the hospital I work at in Denmark, so we've sort of gone full circle with this :D
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Ancient Aliens Meme | KOALAS & ILLUMINATI ALIENS CONSPIRACY THEORIES... | image tagged in memes,ancient aliens | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
That is a cool story too!! :-)
I would be interested in hearing theses theories...
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It sort of was "The story", as for the conspiracies there's not much to tell really, except for "the real story" behind why illuminati signs are everywhere.

The conspiracy freak was sort of "oldschool" caught up in a "the devil is behind it all" circular logic, doubting science as a consequence, so I'd had to use a lot of philosophical tools, mainly involving the nature of the devil seen by the majority, and then seen by other cultures, which broke the devil down in chunks that could be managed, making him see why the devil would never be behind of it all, and certainly not behind illuminati. From there we went into discussions on free will, and the thing that actually broke down most of his delusions was the argument, that if god only gave free will to humans, (even excluding the devil) then how come seals can decide to **pe penguins? In retrospect it's kind of a weird argument, but it was what broke his belief in the devil. Linking koala's to aliens and illuminati is sort of easy enough. aliens are behind the illuminati, so what makes me sure that koala's are aliens? Look at some of the native/aboriginal depictions of koala's and they sort of look like a grey one stuffed into a spacesuit. It's also a "well-known" fact among biologists that koala's have humanlooking fingerprints, with coevolution being the cultprit, unless you start looking at koala's being behind the whole "grey ones" ufo mythology. If you take a look at the disney story "lilo and stitch" conspiracies you should be able to link all of it together, aliens, illuminati, koala's and actually even the devil himself :D
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Conspiracy Keanu Meme | WHOA... SO IF THE "GREYS" ARE THE BAD ALIENS... MAYBE THE KOALAS ARE CONDITIONING HUMANS TO THINK THEY ARE CUDDLY & DEFNSELSS TO BETTER ATTA | image tagged in memes,conspiracy keanu | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Koalas only live in austrailia( other than zoos and private collectors)

And their rivals are the Nordics( alien species)
And Nordics are primarily around the arctic circle in the north...
Opposite place that the koalas live in the Southern Hemisphere....
I can see where someone could get caught up in believing that .

Makes for an interesting story... I can see where conspiracy theorist can think that.

What if the koalas are only found in Australia cause the nordics vanished them there... and they act all cute and cuddly so humans can send them to zoos so they can get off Australia ....
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Ah, don't forget about the devil!
If you look at the lilo & stitch story, you will learn that stitch's number is experiment 626. The bible states that the number of the beast will be 666, but it will also be a hidden number. 6 two 6, can be view as 6 one time, then 6 two times (six and two sixes) Stitch is exiled to earth, which is what satan was, back then.

there are hints that lilo is under the surveilance by fbi, and at one point of the movie you will see that she has the necronomicon lying on the floor, making her a cultist, and she helps the devil/stitch.

So satan is this koala like being with magical powers, cast down from heaven, and koala's have similarities to the alien greys.

Now here's the real question!

Why does filmcompanies keep on having these illuminati-hints inside them?

Take a recent filmposter like "zootopia"
* In the poster there is a small empty spot with three mice (Illuminati)
* above the mice is... a koala. (the devil)
* behind the koala is a pig. (capitalism)

practically every hollywood movie has some sort of illuminati refference somewhere in it, why is that?

Can you figure out why the clues are there?
(I figured it out myself after seeing so many overwhelming examples that it simply was impossible that it's all just being a coincidence)

Give it a go :D
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