Tard at Disneyland

8,457 views, 71 upvotes, Made by djshay12 6 years ago gifsgrumpy catfunnydisneylandmemes
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Get bent, Grumpy.
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Stooged | . | image tagged in stooged | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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yaaaaaaas grumpy cat there needs to be more grumpy cat memes
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Burn Kitty Meme | LET THOSE MEMORIES BURN TURN INTO ASH, THEY WILL NEVER COME BACK IN THE SAME WAY | image tagged in memes,burn kitty,grumpy cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
rip to a real legend. if i could take a time machine, i would go back into my old classroom in 2013, find this meme, and show it to the friends i had back then. we would all laugh and the teacher would talk to me in the hall after class and i would end up late for my next class, but who cares anyway. it was math. later that night i would email my friends and tell them all about my new minecraft server and send them the link to join. we would tame a ocelot and name it Grumpy Cat the 2nd. never mind. that could never happen. we all quit minecraft before that. the school admin had imgflip blocked on their system. i didnt even have any friends. they all moved away. we still shared memes and gifs (mainly Grumpy Cat) we found on imgflip over email though. sadly, my account got hacked and deleted a few years later and i forgot their usernames. but somewhere deep down in my emails, i have their contact information, and i would do anything to go back...
oh sorry, i just got caught in the memories and the nostalgia of it all.
rip Tardar Sauce... you made so many memeories and shaped me as a memer for who i am... but im pretty sure she's still watching me and thinking this of me right now
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