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Furry Destroys Furry in fun
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*in advance, truly sorry this is so long <33
Im pro-fur, and people have the rights to their opinion as do I. It is not necessary to put your opinion our there, and it is not necessary for furrys to bark/meow. Not all furrys are cringe, but it is true that a majority of them can be. The furrys that ive met are rlly nice and act like normal humans, they just are wearing a costume and expressing themselves. Most people havent even met furrys and just asume based on what theyve heard, which is a natural instinct for everyone. I havent met any of the wierd side of their fandom, and most dont feel sexual attraction to animals or act like animals. For the side that does do those things, just ignore them. Its not hurting you unless you get involved. If you are anti-furry, they are people under the costume but it is ok to feel dislike toward them. But you dont have to create a bunch of drama. But just like furrys, not all anti-furrys bully/say bad things. Most just ignore, but for the people who don't they are only hurting themselves just like the actually cringe furrys. As for the LGBTQ+ talk i am apart of the community but totally understand if ur not. Like i said, you have your own opinion, but it will hurt others if you share it, so just be conscious of that. <33 Sorry again for how long this was lol
Buff Doge vs. Cheems in Dark_humour
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dont forget the kid who climbs out the window