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zenithspeed (398158)
Joined 2022-01-22
Automobile, aircraft, and space enthusiast. Frequently found playing video games usually from 90's and 2000's.
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Failed catch in repost
0 ups, 4h
why is bro wearing a life jacket for this
i don't think there's any open water nearby
can relate in rareinsults
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when the underside of your fingernails are THAT dirty, it's time to get a pencil/toothpick/other similar object and slide it along to get rid of the dirt, it's so damn satisfying
I use a special type of pencil that is extra hard to break, so this rarely happens to me ^-^ in fun
0 ups, 4h
yeah it happens a lot
i should just give up on drawing tbh
frfr in fun
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