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Dr Evil Laser in fun
0 ups, 4y
Yeah, that's the same.
Baby Insanity Wolf in fun
1 up, 6y
IF YOU STEAL, YOU ARE A THIEF BUT THAT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS | image tagged in memes,but thats none of my business,kermit the frog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Just got a MacBook Pro. LOVE IT. in fun
1 up, 7y
It's different, for sure, but I've used Ubuntu 12.04, so it's sort of familiar. To each their own I guess.
Scumbag Memers in fun
2 ups, 7y
I DON'T STEAL MEMES VERY OFTEN BUT WHEN I DO I MAKE SURE TO ALSO DOWNVOTE THE ORIGINAL | image tagged in memes,the most interesting man in the world,scumbag | made w/ Imgflip meme maker