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Untitled Image in Middle-School
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well it just got postponed another month so
Blank White Template in Middle-School
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Stay not just for yourself, but for others. Stay because of the eventual pets you will have when you're older, stay for your parents who would be devastated if you were gone. Stay for your friends (if you don't have any, stay for us on imgflip. I'm sure we would all be your best friends irl) Stay for us. Have a nice day!!! <3
Hahaha... in Middle-School
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I'm in florida and I was swimming in a pool in december
Spongebob diapers meme in Middle-School
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I upvoted a version of this in January. Oh how naive we all were back then.
Looks like we're having vampires instead in fun
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A lot of people are buying fruits and vegetables to plant seeds for gardens. My mom bought many seeds and is growing food in the backyard in preperation of COVID-19