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breaking news! Suicide is now illegal! in Middle-School
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This isn't to punish the depressed, this is so that police can enter someone's house to stop them from killing themself. They can only enter without a warrent if they have suspicion of a crime being committed.
Trump Bill Signing in fun
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You clearly need homework if you can't spell "illegal".
If you get offended I'm sorry but this is my type of comedy in fun
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I feel like people don't realize that IT'S NOT HARD TO RESPECT SOMEONE'S GENDER PRONOUNS. People literally kill themselves because of people ignoring them, misgendering them, harassing them, OR TELLING THEM THAT WHAT THEY ARE IS NOT REAL. It isn't that hard to change "he" to "she" or "they".
Feminist confusion. in fun
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then just say that? You don't have to s**tshame people on the internet, you can just logically argue with them lol