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And the award for "Worlds Greatest Troll" goes to...
lol since when? Republicans subvert checks and balances as often as possible, change or ignore rules to get their way, get their campaign funding from foreign governments and foreign corporations, want endless free stuff from the government but without paying any taxes for it, and try to turn the presidency into a dictatorship. Using emergency powers to fund a vanity project because you can't make a deal legitimately is the epitome of big government. It's everything the founding fathers warned us about. If Trump tried this shit when they were around, his wannabe-tyrant blood would be watering the tree of liberty. Everyone should be up in arms about this, but mindless team sports party loyalty and "trolling the libs" is more important than preserving our freedom, apparently.
Trump Most Interesting Man In The World
Yeah that worked out well
Can't wait for a Democrat to take power in 2020 and declare a national emergency for climate change, gun violence, and healthcare.