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Not Trustworthy
Boeing sub-contracts work for parts to many other companies. They don't make every single part. It is the domino effect. "The Iranians had already announced they weren't changing a thing." that's a lie. After the deal, Iranians were waving American Flags in the streets. Now they will most likely go back to burning them with the added sanctions. This is all an Israel ploy. Iran hasn't attacked any other country in 200 years, but NuttyYahoo is scared to death of them. Israel is pulling America into a war with Iran. "Let a negotiator do what he is good at."..........laughable. Trump has bankrupted casinos. Everyone know Casinos have the house advantage.
Not Trustworthy
And Trump has done the same thing backing out. Plus he just killed a Boeing deal for 80 787's, and 100,000 jobs, that were to be sold to Iran. The U.S. can backout that's all well and good, but the U.S. credibility has been jeopardized in doing so. The rest of the Iran deal countries will continue to honor the agreement. Trump could have worked to strengthen the deal, instead of whining about it and walking away.
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That's what we got
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