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False Nuclear Emergency Alert in Pickering, Ontario in fun
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You would have had to have saw Canada news on January 12, 2020 to understand this. There was an Emergency Alert sent to millions of people (cell phones, on radio, and TV) in Ontario, Canada stating that there was a radiological event at the Pickering (Ontario) Nuclear Power plant. It was terrifying. Then 1 1/2 hours later they said it was sent in error, so I put this meme together. The message you see on the cartoon cell phone in the comic is the actual screen shot of the message sent to my cell phone that I photoshopped onto the Simpsons' cell phone. Lol
Cube in fun
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Why does it look like Bill Clinton a bit when it first starts to zoom out?
CNN Spins Trump News in fun
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Hahahha good one!!
Working from home in fun
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This is the funniest GIF I've ever seen on here... lol