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ha ha ha HA in fun
5 ups, 1m
Just search for the extension of the file within this directory. Unless he created dummy copies in each folder forcing you to actually open every document...
Medicine in fun
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IN MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION? THAT IS AN OVERDOSE AND YOU ARE DEAD! | image tagged in the medic tf2 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Nuzlockes be like... in fun
0 ups, 4m
Yup. You can't buy them, and depending on the game, leppa berries can take a day to grow for 1 or 2 berries, so you'll have to devote a lot of time to growing them once you find one before you can progress.
Nuzlockes be like... in fun
0 ups, 4m do you go about restoring PP throughout the run without pokecenters? That's my biggest concern with that rule. Do you guys just put the pokemon in the pc to restore it then?
Nuzlockes be like... in fun
0 ups, 4m
Just like I don't understand why some people use the rule of only healing with items and no pokecenters, but to each their own.