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uvu (50979)
Joined 2020-10-12
*Realizes that my user makes me look like a furry but I'm not a furry* Kinda inactive. I also have really bad humor.
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Just wanna know what everyone else does in Drawings
2 ups, 9m
Panic and scribble over the page.
No one must know that all I draw is crappy memes and demon snakes.
I frigin did it I finished him. I made him real ^v^ in Drawings
0 ups, 9m
This looks great! Kinda reminds me of Stranger from OMORI, and I like it!
look at this! a meme no one will understand! in fun
1 up, 9m
Oh wow, It really is you! (Rip about your school blocking DA tho)
And if you don't mind, could you tell me the username of the other account? I'd be happy to go and check it out! (Sorry if this sounds awkward)