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Bad Luck Brian
I did well on the Test. Yaah
Somebody Cares.
Go search. Google or any search engines you have and you will find answers.
Somebody Cares.
Oh yeah people have most of the time have no religion to do the stupid stuff: drugs, tobacco and etc that harms their body. Good job people for killing 400k each year for these harming drugs and Marijuana.
Somebody Cares.
Isis is a terrorist group and they are not part of muslims, however, this guy created this ridiculous meme. I see people would want to laugh even if it's something racist or anything. Probably there's gay marriage all because of the atheists who have no religion. One day this is all gonna end. And everyone will be judged.
Somebody Cares.
This is not funny, I am part of this religion. Please delete it. Not creative just offending people's religion just for likes. Think to create something that is funny and it doesn't offend someone.