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Resume reviews made easy in politics
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You don't get it. If people are fired for their age, there is no proof that was the reason. So the people that were fired have no recourse. Many thousands of gray haired old people are fired/ cut/ let go/ forced to retire every year. Many reasons can be given to mask the real reason - age. You must be young and have not worked long. Keep your eyes open. Over time you will see what I mean.
Resume reviews made easy in politics
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Bullshit. For every millennial that is age discriminated against, there are 10,000 boomers with gray hair that get sent packing because of their [old] age. No lawyers are involved 99.999% of the time.
Most psychotic woman in the world in politics
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Uhm no, an impeachment trial and a vote has to happen in the Senate. That will not happen during Trump's state of the union address. That process will take many months.
Hurry up and choose! Before it's too late! in fun
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The question is which bathroom do you sit in.
Certain bankruptcy. in politics
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Good for your cousins. But I hope they have thick skin. Because lots of millennials are slackers and people like to make fun of them.