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the_bored_ambivert (2551)
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Conservative, marvel fan, Christian, INFP, Aries (I’m not superstitious it’s FUN) social outcast BOOM now you know me :)
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Women crying in conservatives
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A b o r t i o n, hon. Unborn babies are still babies.
Smart or Insane? in MS_memer_group
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Don’t tell them what you’ve done
Tell them what you’ve done
The wars already won
Why do we go on

Fellow Ranboo simp over here. Yes you’re just bored, I do the same thing and I’ve written like twelve songs (none of them are good tho lmao) otherwise we are both insane (which, honestly, also so,etching I would do)

(The last part was a Ranboo quote)
Women crying in conservatives
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Ah yes, of course it is all for the safety of the mom, not the child. Isn’t that part of being a mom, whether you wanted to or not? Putting your child before yourself?
Women crying in conservatives
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Except for abortion