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boi in fun
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this meme is almost 3 years old or something
boi in fun
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woah buddy so late
*god mode activated* in fun
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stupid fact: That scene wasn’t suppose to be thing! The voiceactor actually messed up spelling smart and the director kept it in because it’s perfect!
The truth you all need... in Roblox
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Old roblox not good? I miss old roblox. And i’m not talking about 2006 - 2010 kinda thing, im talking about 2014 - 2019. When roblox wa sthe best. Before rthro, robux change (green r to… A gold hexagon?) and other various things. Before the rise of slenders. Before the terrible things. When oof was still around… Rip old roblox, it’s 10x better than what we have now.