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supermormonguy (10448)
Joined 2020-10-21
time spent making memes and putting conversations of my friend Larry in the comments section of most memes.
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We all need one of these in fun
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...Larry tried to find the cat scarf online...and insisted its name was Rainbow Dash 😅 Great guy and a good friend, but I did not realize he was on a such a mission to get one 😅
Disney Pixar intro (celebrating on being 250th top user, if you comment you will earn an upvote(don't spam)) in fun
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(sighs out loud next to friend Larry) no Larry: he was trying to do his take on the Disney Pixar, it's not an official Pixar film--stop screaming "Where's my John Ratzenberger cameo?", Larry!
Hardest game in my life in fun
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(Turns to Larry) yes that's right Larry: they are ALL red and the joke is--(smacks own forehead) you just HAD to say you thought the red one was an imposter when they are ALL red, Larry!
Angry husband fills wife's car with concrete. in fun
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(Listens to Larry) know, that is a good question Larry: when it hardens, WOULD it be a park-walk instead of a sidewalk?...No, Larry, let's not find ou--you are NOT using my laptop to look up "How to make Concrete", Larry!
King Buggs Bunny in fun
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(Turns to Larry) Yes, Larry, I remember those crowns when I was a kid...No, wearing a crown does not mean you are the next Burger King, Larry--why would you ask the Internet to put it to a vote? "You don't vote for kings" remember Larry?