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Disguising Cover 2?
I LIVE IN AMERICA OF COURSE THEY DO! (Unfortunately I can’t add meme comments yet), but this meme was meant purely to make conversation about the game and not to become motivated to start memorizing boring football play schemes!
Finished with English Class!
I was gonna add the grammarnazi tag but thought that first, I did quite good in the Grammmar Unit / learned stuff, and second, I didn’t want to insult my English teacher cause he is simply beautiful at his job and subject and did not deserve that kind of insult!
Disguising Cover 2?
Is it just faking one certain play in order to trick an opponent? In that case, I asked this question for the sake of conversation. If not, please explain
Disguising Cover 2?
I know that they’d know this cause they’re gameplan experts, I.E. the players and coaches. But if you could, please try explaining to my relatively tiny football brain how it works?
Batman Slapping Robin
(Slaps me for such an idiotic suggestion, ???????????? Thanks so much for starring me in this meme!) Robin: ALL MY FAME IS GONE! (Morphs into his true form, the Joker, knowing Batman won’t be any more ticked off at him)