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I have created a new template in fun
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That’s awesome bruh!!!
Stupid in fun
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@ EGOS I don’t want to fight but I wanted to say this. If God’s real and he only sends to hell those who willingly disobeyed him. Let’s say that Jesus Christ was the son of God an savior of the world. Let’s say you were one of the people who spit on him and CRUCIFIED him.... I don’t think we really ever stop to realize how horrible that was for him. LOOK UP all the different parts of it please!! It was completely awful!!! Anyway, you were one of those people but let’s say that God DID save everyone in their sins. Would you want to be in his presence for all eternity? That would be torture.
Another thing. We have commandments right? Christians believe that we shouldn’t have sex before marriage. But Trillions if people throughout the ages have broken that commandment. They couldn’t follow that commandment on earth. How would they be able to follow it in heaven? And Heaven can’t be heaven if there is sin there. If you can’t follow those rules then you can’t live there. And maybe the “fire and brimstone” is just the guilt and regret you feel for what you have given up for worldly pleasures.
Untitled Image in fun
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LOOK AT THAT A GRAVITY FALLS MEME HAS MADE IT TO THE FRONT PAGE :) | image tagged in memes,x x everywhere | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Moms waiting for you to get back at 3am in fun
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Me waiting for my mom when she said we had to leave an hour ago.