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Fuck Donald trump
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Untitled Image in politicsTOO
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Well of course the numbers of murders are going to increase if you increase the number of people from any race cuz that's how math works
... If they're not actively making the problem worse in politicsTOO
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I've seen his page, he's subscribed to all the political pages, he's just a troll
In a post-Roe future, think the anti-abortion crusade will stop at your state’s borders? Think again. in politicsTOO
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Never trust people who read Rand to care about other human beings

F*** objectivists MAGAs maybe a more present danger but randians are bigger douchebags
Show me on this doll in fun
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You are exactly as bad and I hate you
bad joke spike in fun
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Certainly putting this meme to better use than I did