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no such thing as an "anti-semite"
lol gettin in that laaaaaaaast word. Did you spend all afternoon crafting that zinger?
no such thing as an "anti-semite"
God calls us "his creatures", in others words, "all living things", so since you know nothing of truth or your maker, it does not surprise me you can't place it. Must be nice being a turd-blossom, since you cannot be called a "living creature". Ignorance is bliss boy, until it ends you because you ignored the monster in the room
no such thing as an "anti-semite"
translation; "I haven't done any actual research on the subjects I flap my gums about and plan to not do any research at all, whilst pretending I am of superior intelligence to people that actually do research" All of you wankers on here down-voting the truth are merely pigs at the trough, getting your "news-feed" and awaiting the slaughter house. Enjoy that
no such thing as an "anti-semite"
it boggles the mind that you actually think that I, or anyone else gives a flying shit sandwich what you think. You're not capable of critical thought boy