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Wear a hazmat suit or stay home. in politics
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I seem to notice that you aren't taking a FREAKING PANDEMIC SERIOUSLY
Barack Hussein Obama belongs in Gitmo in politics
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You act like trump didn't do ANYTHING wrong
It takes a RIGGED ELECTION to trump TRUMP in politics
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Ok, so I have a few thoughts. First, with the Hunter Biden story, they only have potential wrong doings at the moment. Though I do agree this looks suspicious, we cannot say for sure if these things occurred until the investigation is completed. Second, Sydney Powell was taken off of the trump lawyer team and the team is no longer associating with her. Meaning her bullcrap was too much even for the trump. Also, after being asked several times to prove her claims, Powell still refused to give any evidence for them.
Finding the American Dream! in politics
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It is true that Trump made a lot of money off his business and I would congratulate him on that, but he didn't stop making money after he got into politics. His kids also hold political roles and have made money off that too. Now consider if trump hadn't gotten into politics. Would his kids be where they are today or would they still be following their daddy around?
Finding the American Dream! in politics
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like trumps kids don't do the same