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eat, sea, set, and sat in fun
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I'm sorry I did not know b3st already made this meme but it was not meant to be a repost.
clever title in fun
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quiver does not rhyme with silver not sliver it is silver. diserpule is not a word and sporange is literally just spors of an orange it is not in the dictionary.
clever title in fun
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you got me
clever title in fun
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silver does not rhyme with river because rive is missing the l so it does not work. gorge and orange gorge is missing the n required to rhyme and nurple is not a word buddy
Bernie I Am Once Again Asking For Your Support in fun
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hey if you wanna check out my yt channel I would greatly appreciate it and I nowmy content might be cringey but I'm starting to try and edit it so here it is: