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Shithole Trump in fun
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your problem is you think Trump called these countries 'shitholes' from what you described. it would correct if Trump did but he most certainly did not. he knows nothing about these countries other than the color of their inhabitants. if he sees someone half clothed or in 'native' attire, they're just savages to him. the fact that they're non-white on top of it, c'mon already. why the f**k else would he use Sweden as a comparison. don't be blind. look how he's treated Puerto Rico. get serious. oh yeah off topic, i guess you will overlook the fact that he's basically lied about his whole life. losses over ONE BILLION over a ten year period. Donald 'the long con' Trump.
Shithole Trump in fun
2 ups, 1m
you voted for an out right liar and racist. but there really isn't any way to sway someone whose only source of news of FOX network. so sad.
Shithole Trump in fun
3 ups, 12m
wow, and you're and ignorant racist too. like you've even been out of this country you backward, trailer trash moron.
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better a snowflake than a lying, hypocritical Dotard Trump, but then again, you would swallow a bag of his shit before you say he did ANYTHING wrong, deceitful, unethical, etc., etc., etc. first mannafart, rick gates, papadoupoulous... more to come scumbag.