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[TEMPORARILY ON BREAK!!] dont mind me, just a music obsessed gay
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aaah in LGBTQ
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so, its the last few months of school. im leaving this year and graduation plus all the typical, fun, last-year activities are a lot and are getting to me. im going to be spending less and less time on my computer because of school. after that, this summer, im going away to sleepaway camp for about two months. i really hope i can come back in the fall, and if i dont, i love all of you. so much!! make sure to follow me if you can on tumblr, same @ :) <3
(damn... first gummy now me... sneksolotl is doomed!!😭)
Sure_why_not under ai filter in LGBTQ
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Please help me t-t (I've never been in a relationship before( in LGBTQ
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woaaoaoahhhhhhhhh nice job my friend
and then one more in sept!! in LGBTQ
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want me to kidnap u