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Classic Sonic - Pointless Addition in Sonic Forces
Just for the record, I consider Sonic Forces an okay game, but not as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be. Unfortunately, I can see why it's getting all the flak: An okay 3D Sonic game is not what people were expecting from Sonic Team four years after their previous endeavor with Nintendo. Of the 30 stages, only 4 truly stood out to me: Egg Gate, Capital City, Null Space, and the best of the bunch Mortar Canyon. Considering all the evidence that the game was developed under people who are new to Sonic or game developing in general, it's been my hunch all the veteran developers are working on another 3D Sonic game much grander in scale that's been in production limbo for some time (Does anyone remember there was supposed to be a Sonic movie?). At least that's what I'm hoping, anyway. But until anything's announced, I'm just hoping Sonic Mania 2 is in the works right now--Wishful thinking, fingers crossed, all that kind of jazz.
Definition of Cosplay
Sorry, I love seeing people enjoy what THEY do. THEY do. Damn dyslexia.
Definition of Cosplay
I know what you mean. Admittedly, I get overwhelmed when there is a cute cosplayer in a revealing costume (I'm single and a guy, I can't help it.), but I don't want to be those kind of predators. Unfortunately, nowadays I'm seeing some people online strain the definition of cosplay by sexualizing themselves for attention. Personally, I love the hobby. I'm not a cosplayer (Though if I did cosplay as someone, I'd be Reality from South Park, which I'd probably give so good a performance I'd offend everyone in the convention, but I digress.), but I love meeting cosplayers in person. If they're not doing it as a fun little hobby, or to dress up as their favorite never know! We could be looking at professional costume/fashion designers one day, working in the movie industry, or Broadway, or at the Vegas strip. It's why I love seeing people enjoy what I do. What I do question though, is why they'd sexualize themselves just for attention. The character portrayal and costume craftsmanship are enough to get attention in the geek scene especially online. But if all you're doing is putting a costume on to look sexy, or doing provocative stripteases with said costume (what some cosplayers call "lewds"), and calling it "cosplay" in the process, that to me is straining the definition--it's more "modeling" than anything else. So there's no real reason to "shake your moneymaker" while cosplaying as a character you love...I mean I can understand wanting to become a model, and all that, but when I see cosplayers expose themselves, I kind of see them embarrassing themselves deep inside. That's all I've got to say. I don't mean to sound judgemental, especially to the few cosplayers I met over the years, it's just how I see things. I'm the type that speaks my mind, so I apologize if I offended anyone with this meme or this comment.