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Classic Sonic - Pointless Addition in Sonic Forces in fun
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Just for the record, I consider Sonic Forces an okay game, but not as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be. Unfortunately, I can see why it's getting all the flak: An okay 3D Sonic game is not what people were expecting from Sonic Team four years after their previous endeavor with Nintendo. Of the 30 stages, only 4 truly stood out to me: Egg Gate, Capital City, Null Space, and the best of the bunch Mortar Canyon. Considering all the evidence that the game was developed under people who are new to Sonic or game developing in general, it's been my hunch all the veteran developers are working on another 3D Sonic game much grander in scale that's been in production limbo for some time (Does anyone remember there was supposed to be a Sonic movie?). At least that's what I'm hoping, anyway. But until anything's announced, I'm just hoping Sonic Mania 2 is in the works right now--Wishful thinking, fingers crossed, all that kind of jazz.