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OCD Froot Loops
I thought it was on Feburary 31st, 2016... Also, on the subject of OCD, when i tried posting this comment, it said, "Woah! You're posting a lot! Wait 111 seconds."
OCD Froot Loops
Heres how i count. 1, 2; 4. 16.. 879 and on and on. Yours all counting rong, and im counting write.
The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe... :)
Weird, i just made a demotivational about why flat earthers are idiots, and now i see this...
Wait, are you telling me this isn't real? Aw
Yeah, but i found this one so this is what we get.
OCD Froot Loops
[image deleted]Someone scrambled her cereal, she had it perfectly just like in the picture!