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God is a special snowflake.
I guess you are muslim and felt the meme was one sided. I apologize for that, and will clarify. I think all the gods are precious snow flakes. Not just your allah.
God is a special snowflake.
God is a special snowflake.
Disprove what? The meme was about the low self esteems of all the different gods, who's followers feel like they need to defend. The picture was of a muslim in Bangladesh. I have no idea was was your point with "Those are Muslims", and so I wasn't trying to "disprove" you.
God is a special snowflake.
All of their imaginary gods have the same snowflakey manner, needing constant help from humans, in defending their honor. Irish anti-blasphemy laws, signs last week all over Bangkok concerning insults to the Buddha, etc. etc. etc. Now, as to who wins the most murderiest religion of the year award, is a changing field for hundreds of years, but that was not the purview of the meme.
God is a special snowflake.
What's the difference? One imaginary low ego sky being, is the same as another.