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ya sure dude? in fun
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I have too, it'll be great if you just check the history of how B and BCPL changed to C. The way C compiler was written by C is called compiler bootstrapping, it's not the first C compilation. I don't know how much knowledge you've gain or your expertise level. With my due respect, arrogance won't change the fact brother. You can be wrong, so can be I. Accepting mistakes won't make you weak or incompetent, it's natural for a human to make mistakes.

In the sheer scale of the universe, we know nothing. NVM, have a good day.
Also, you can share your GitHub username if you would like to. :)
ya sure dude? in fun
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"The first C compiler, written by Dennis Ritchie, used a recursive descent parser, incorporated specific knowledge about the PDP-11, and relied on an optional machine-specific optimizer to improve the assembly language code it generated. In contrast, Johnson's pccm was based on a yacc-generated parser and used a more general target machine model. Both compilers produced target-specific assembly language code which they then assembled to produce linkable object modules."

Have a look on 2nd Paragraph of the Features.
this is true in fun
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stupid meme