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no connection in politics
0 ups, 8m
Because that region of Canada now does not have an EFFICIENT and SAFE way to move their raw product to refineries. That boils down to a tightening supply amidst ever increasing demand-- so Prices Go Up.
no connection in politics
0 ups, 8m
LOL... It's about M O N E Y stupid--- it was never about "saving" anything. If North American oil just got more expensive-- then foreign oil companies MAKE MORE MONEY. Burisma and China are happy little f**kers right now. Wake up!!
no connection in politics
0 ups, 8m
More like trading US energy companies' support for FOREIGN energy companies' support. You think he actually gives a shit about people? LOL. Give that POTUS an OSCAR or a Nobel Prize or something!
no connection in politics
0 ups, 8m
Nah--- I just believe his business partner in his China deal.
If Only They Loved AMERICA As Much As They Hated Donald Trump... in politics
3 ups, 8m
She BAILED OUT the leftist RIOTERS who were arrested. Kommie Komala