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People Love Biden and the DNC... or not. in politics
0 ups, 4mo
We shouldn't have any F***'s to give what OPEC does because we should be ENERGY INDEPENDENT -- Oh.... but Brandon F'd that up didn't he.
Spanish in politics
1 up, 4mo
LOL!! Of course!!!
In 2018 Donald Trump Warned Europe About Their Fuel Crisis & All They Did Was Laugh... in politics
9 ups, 5mo
Hillary has been claiming she didn't have ANY classified material, yet an inspector was prohibited from reviewing materials/emails because he didn't have a security clearance that was high enough. She STILL claims that when they asked, she had no classified emails. Of course she didn't -- That's exactly what BleachBit does. LOCK HER UP.
Dem Cowards will do anything for power. in politics
1 up, 6mo
clearly not a plumber.
The EC in politics
0 ups, 6mo
Propaganda fed to the NPC's.
Why don't Dems try to meet the needs of rural people instead of catering to their fake elitist and racist base?