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Sega make Knuxouge canon!!!!!!
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real in SonicShadowAndSilver
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bro this was an entire year ago why the hell did you comment
"this would go hard as an album cover" in MS_memer_group
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suicide baiting is the worst way to leave.
its to the point where nobody believes.
it. please just announce you're just gonna take a break,
instead of threatening to drown yourself in a lake.
you're a horrible, horrible person, you can either turn yourself in,
or suffocate in a trash bin.
you can try to be a better person, try to clear everything up about you.
it's not our choice, it's YOUR choice what to do.
tired, sick, of these people AND YOU, for what you're doing.
sitting on your computer, asking for pics, drooling.
you have two options, and very similar what you told the 15 year old to do,
you can either change up your life, no sexual acts,
or just ignore it and post some more bait, try to run on train tracks.

heres a story for you to start with
we find out everything about what you did,
you turn around and quickly start to hid,
inside a closet, staring at you menacing.
we throw hands at you, this is so embarrassing,
for you. we all grab you, you beg to let go,
we drag you somewhere away slow.
this is the end for your atrocious acts,
maybe you wont groom another child, all of it is just facts.
hello again... in MS_memer_group
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lil bro we know it's you 😭😭🙏🙏