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Maybe this is why we love bacon so much!!!
Look, everyone! Raydog googled some image, put some words on it that aren't even funny then he put it on the main page himself. How pathetic.
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Perfect example of raydog posting anything and it going straight to the main page. There is absolutely nothing funny about this pic. It is not feature worthy at all and yet here it is. What a terrible website. Stop featuring your own garbage. So much better stuff besides this. There's only one explanation for every single one of your posts getting featured, you're part of the website. And when you feature terrible stuff like this you make it very obvious. Take this off the main page and post something that is worthy.
Def Ducreux
Ha! Good one!
Anyone else curious as to how much the calls cost?
Untitled Image
Hmmm...I wonder where you got the idea for this picture. Smh...