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Per Aspera Ad Astra I'm sorry I haven't been able to make any comments! Will have to catch the up tomorrow! :)
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Futurama Fry
No, my Evil friend, she hasn't yet! I just haven't had any minutes to be here! I'll be back at it soon though! Hope you, and your family is all Okay Evilman!
Grumpy Cat
You're like the gnats around a horse's ass, Harmless just a pest, and loves shit! :) I could give a crap less what your pissy ass submission Rate means to you because it doesn't a thing to me! Hell, I'm surprised my submission rate isn't 33% with all the memes I've deleted!(Probably more than you'll ever make) And, I really could care less if you're sorry for your actions or not, one strike is all anyone gets from me, it don;t take me long to look at a horseshoe or a horses ass! So you, have a nice day and go find a horses ass to hang around! I don't like shit, shit eaters, or pests! :)
Grumpy Cat
What a douche bag You're memeguy! Gonna say something about GRAMMAR and don't even spell it right Dumbass! Why don't you go suck a dick you little B**ch!
Someone had a nice time on the Beach
Thanks, Wayne I appreciate it very much! :)