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But That's None Of My Business in politics
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damn slightly inaccurate youtube videos "Baden, by then a respected pathologist, was put in charge of the forensic investigations. In his memoir, he criticized the autopsy done after the Kennedy assassination, noting that it was conducted by military pathologists who had never handled a case that involved a gunshot wound. Yet, he ultimately concluded that their findings had been correct: Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone, and there was no second gunman". See: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
Dr Evil Laser in politics
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Rabbi Chemor 1489 = JWO
Philosoraptor in politics
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lol true
Matrix Morpheus in politics
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your consent to prioritising of the letter allows them to assist your suiciding of the spirit
Matrix Morpheus in politics
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the spirit is willing to die for a good or bad cause ie embracing the spirit over the letter, but if your cause is truly good then this righteousness is rewarded with grace [Steiner's 'supersensible' awareness?]. When death seemed possible to the rational mind (that believes what it reads of the letter) deciding heart over mind ie acting in spirit over acting in letters (echoes of reading) we expressed a thought creating an act of faith in a Creator in the concept that the body is not you the soul; the heart is awoken and begins to supercede the mind by the process of acquiring grace, only then can we do good fruitful works with our god given grace and the mind loses its fears of the external.
When Jesus stopped identifying himself as part of a group he became Christ, or experienced nirvikalpa samadhi in the Vedic [Prabhupada's phrase 'Self Realization'], to which Matthew 6:22 is a direct reference, recognised to be that by me because I’ve seen what Mat 6:22 means, as have many others, which is a temporary union of sound & sight alluding many names and attempts by parasitical, and therefore deservedly paranoid, usurors to hide the mystic Union with God experience. The LSD sixties opened many to the experience albeit without a gentle graduation over years as per the yogis.
The surroundings follow from the centre point of the distance towards the backside of the eyes in a fibonacci arc in the space of a moment, from earth to heaven in an instant. Beautiful. Sight and sound experienced together and knowing that the whole thing is faciltated by your physical existence interacting with different forms of light which sound is one of in fact (sound's origin is light so it is the act of understanding that sounds are the first reflection of light that provides the appropriate focus upon the centre point to 'see the silence'; sounds give different density of solid forms related to wavelength. He must have had this sight to speak in such paradoxical phrases. He must have mastered breathing, the root hebrew syllable of yhvh, is hava to breathe. Check the strongs hebrew, root link from 3069 yhvh to 1933 hava, to breathe, and further roots links, avah: inclination/ desire, ... the truth is in the word ie etymology, the greek prefix etymo means the truth! And those missing 18 years with the Himis monastery story from Tibet? Those Tibetan monks reputed to have recognised Him as an individual who could carry their knowledge and translate it to a occidental audience xx