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You're destroying the fun I have on this site with your one-sided demands. Stop it now!
Bar Finders Keepers
Okay... cool !!
Hugh Hefner Has Died
Heff caught a lot of flak in his life. He'd been accused of being everything from subversive and a misogynist to being a communist sympathizer and the spawn of Satan. Ironically, Hefner was the opposite of these accusations; he was a realistic patriot, believing the true intentions of the founding fathers; that free speech and human rights were paramount to the survival of the country and he championed women everywhere he went. Many couldn't get past the fact that he was publishing nudes of them while doing so, failing to recognize freedom in action when they saw it. Above all, Heff was a man's man. If there were ever "man cards' issued, they would have to have Heff's signature to be legit.
President Obama
Don't like Trump, didn't vote for him either. Also... reality is a b**ch.