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LGTBQ in fun
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LGTBQ in fun
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Ha, I didn't actually need a translation . its a meme, I made if for a friend, who is gay and found it amusing.
Captain Picard Facepalm in fun
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so your saying they should't have named that big white house the white house?
Richard Nixon in fun
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during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton the state department lost 6 Billion dollars. 6 billion!!! and the trail of foreign donations to her and bill's (air quotes) "Foundation" is impressive. the problem is the things we know about probably aren't even the worst. that women is a criminal. Richard nixon was a thug. but nothing as bad as Clinton. but you keep telling yourself she is a great leader. go ahead. I still remember all the little groupies for Bill saying he was the peace presidennt and he got us into more fights then reagan and the bushes as well. I miss the old days when presidents listened to the citizens of this country. now all we are left with are criminals, thiefs, liars, brutes.