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Untitled Image in mylittlepony
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This is almost every brony's wetdream right here.
Untitled Image in mylittlepony
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Oh sh*t, we've been found out by Applejack. SCRAMBLE!
Death rd in mylittlepony
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Am I the only one who actually really freaking likes that version of rainbow dash!?
Untitled Image in mylittlepony
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Oh god, please don't make me choose!
Futurama Fry in mylittlepony
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So I think it was originally an advertisement for a don't drink and drive campaign. The kids were around 6-9 years old. They were at a park and the guy driving the car accidentally flipped the car, and it started rolling. The car ends up rolling over the kids, killing them instantly.

What made it f**ked up was that this asshole of a human decided to make an MLG version of it which pissed me off so much I couldn't even sleep.