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RIP in fun
2 ups, 6mo
so f**king true lmao
IRONY in politics
2 ups, 8mo
THIS EPISODE IS HILARIOUS WELL, GOTTA BAN IT NOW | image tagged in memes,hide the pain harold | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Yep! in politics
3 ups, 8mo
it truly was 🥲 Beautiful sight indeed.
Yep! in politics
2 ups, 8mo
look man. Political parties in general are terrible for country. George Washington said so himself lol but no one listened. Look at how divided we are now. This is not America. This is a brainwashed population, both Republicans AND Democrats. But majority of Communist-like people fall under the Democrat party.
Yep! in politics
2 ups, 8mo
ah, yes, China, North Korea, Russia are all rAvAgEd by US Intervention. I mean, what is your purpose other than complain about this country and not give a proper reason as to how it bothers you?