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Literally in fun
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Can you offer any empirical, debatable or falsifiable evidence to prove any of the statements you made above? Have you interviewed any deceased nonbelievers to ascertain that they have indeed died a non peaceful death... whatever that means/is? Inversely, have you collected any data on deceased believers in (your particular) god? If so, do they attest and support your notion(s) of being better off than those who died without (your particular) god? Honestly, how do you people make such confident assertions with absolutely no evidence? Who does that shit?!?!?
Join Us Next Time For, The World Famous Inspector vs The Cold War Era Mastermind or Diminutive Duel in fun
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Let me see if I understand this... you (VincentPhan1) literally took minutes from your exciting, purpose driven life to not only click on my image but to then search for, create and reply with another image for the sole purpose and intent of disparaging my past efforts and potentially dissuading any future attempts I may have at the formation of memes? *sigh* Please tell me you value the human race at least enough to not have reproduced!
Going Into Work Be Like... in fun
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That too brother!
Literally in fun
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Why don't you pray for the answer? | image tagged in confused uncle pennybags | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Untitled Image in fun
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I need 10 hours