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pomy97 (13439)
Joined 2021-01-11
NO LONGER ONLINE. I have left my account here, not deleted, so you can still see my stuff. Have a good day!
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Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers in Among_Us
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I frown upon rick rolls. I want everyone who see's the comment above to downvote said comment. End the rick roll.
Bye in fun
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The reasons are personal. I know you want to know because you want to convince me to stay, but my decision is final. My time on Imgflip has been entertaining, but I have things I need to do, and places I want to go. I appreciate your efforts though! Just know that there are times where you see your idols come and go. You just have to embrace the time they are present. I will be going offline permanently so you can still visit my page. Have a wonderful day and don't let the sadness get you down to the point of giving up. Bye!
POV: you see one last roll of toilet paper in fun
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I think Dream