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Trump Bill Signing
In 2006, the last time Democrats took over the House, when George W. Bush was president and the Iraq war was spiraling into civil war, Democrats gained 30 seats. They picked up 26 more in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president. What's more, this cycle's seats are far more gerrymandered to favor Republicans than those were
Trump Bill Signing
How big? It's the most House seats gained by Democrats since the wave election following Watergate. President Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974, leading to Democrats' pickup of 49 seats that fall
Trump Bill Signing
Right! They are downloading information from Infowars and Trumps tweets as we speak! It says something when you cannot admit you obviously voted and support this fella.
Trump Bill Signing
I know! I enjoy their delusion. Giantquonk told me a few months back that he wasn't even a Trump supporter. I would be ashamed to admit it too! They are very funny!