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i babysit an international superspy regularly
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Hegrgurovytjcfy in Comics
0 ups, 5h
i love the oof sound they make
100% best part of totk
is this a rareinsult (i need ups) in rareinsults
0 ups, 1d
oh boy the teacher's union is in for a looong ride
Blank Comic Panel 2x2 in Comics
2 ups, 1d
you've uncovered a rare instance of two introverts interacting.
My jokes are getting cornier and cornier by the second. in fun
0 ups, 6d
I'm confused. Are you insulting trans parents? Aer you saying you have trans parents? Are you simply trying to create a humorous annotation?
The world must have answers.
No title in fun
1 up, 6d
yo. I hate dodgeball. It is the worst sport. Although you're right, all the guys take it way too seriously.

Suddenly I', imagining everyone purposely getting hit just to make the game end faster XD