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not_a_communist_spy (427635)
Joined 2020-02-26
it seems my humor is no longer in fashion these days on here, it was a blast to be here lads, thx to my few supporters!!
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Mod note: Same here in Raiding_rBanvideog
1 up, 2mo
Why reform when you can just invade poland- i mean what?
You just got vectored in fun
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Humour was different back in my time
pure fear in gaming
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even more terrifying when Basic combat music and the normal music is indistinguishable
i swear peopl will upvote anything in fun
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what a nice pickle, thank you for using ha ha tags go brr, also this is considered "upvote begging", if you wish to not have your account hated dont do that
You guys are amazing in fun
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sorry this is a week late but i try to go through memes that use the ha ha tags go brr and tell them thank you! (btw im the guy that made that tag, pretty neat eh?)