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I'm not sad, just complicated.
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Walking Vaccine in fun
0 ups, 2y
Its a joke. Try to keep up.
Both Sides Suck in politics
1 up, 3y
Nope.......just a dude that thinks both ruling parties are shit.
Fake News Genius in politics
0 ups, 3y
Jones is a lair and you are a fool for listening to anything he says.
Fake News Genius in politics
0 ups, 3y
Your kind are the most disinformed people on the planet. People who live in the jungle with no TV's have a better sense of what is going on than you people. It's just your intelligence. Prob never read a book in your life. Have let others spoon feed you shit for years and never actually checked out what you were told. I know your kind.

If your side has all the facts, why did Jones claim his show was entertainment in court? Why didn't he lay out these "facts" in front of the court as its being recorded? Cuz he is a liar milking people and you are an idiot who follows him. Get a clue, dude.
Walking Vaccine in fun
1 up, 3y
Its just a joke.......doesn't mean I really think this.